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Most of you who visit this website will have recognized my name from Photogenesis - a Gallery of Photography in La Fonda Hotel, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I've had the pleasure of meeting some of you in the gallery or in my studio in Galisteo. Several years ago I decided to create a website so that more of my images could be viewed when you're not able to get to New Mexico.Now,with the continued interest in the internet and the increased sales from that venue we have revamped the original website and added many more images.

In over 25 years of photographing, I have amassed a tremendous volume of work. Any display can only include a portion of them, but I've tried to select those that appeal to many people and some that are my personal favorites. Trying to organize which images to display has only served to emphasize the extent of my work! I've divided it, as much as possible, into categories -- even though I inherently abhor the tendency to categorize photography in general. I've added a category called "a little of everything" for those images that don't seem to fit any category. Some of these are particular favorites of mine. You'll see what I mean.

I'll be adding new work or resurfacing old work from time to time, so I hope you'll revisit my site occasionally. If you're in Santa Fe, please stop by the gallery. If you are not in New Mexico, I'd welcome emails . I'm no longer completely new to this cyberspace world, but still find it fascinating, if confusing.

I hope you'll get pleasure from viewing these selections.
Represented exclusively by:
Photogenesis Gallery,
100 E. SanFrancisco Street,
Santa Fe, NM